Entrepreneurs get together to support young people academic talent through Hondufuturo

A business commitment for the future of Honduras will begin to travel the country to generate opportunities for all those who bet for better educational and labor conditions of Hondurans.

  • Education ● November 7, 2013


An entrepreneurial commitment for the future of Honduras will generate opportunities to students who want better educational and labor conditions in the country.

These opportunities will be given through HonduFuturo Foundation, a novel system of grants and scholarships, so that citizens of Honduras with excellent academic records can study post-graduate or doctorate studies in the best universities of the world.

The organization of this initiative is done by leader companies committed with Honduras and its people.  They come together to propel better superior comprehensive education.  With this platform, students with academic achievements can be supported.

The group of companies include:  Grupo JAREMAR, BAC Honduras, Grupo Ficohsa, Grupo Karim´s, Honduras Television Company, Dinant Corporation, Terra Group, Cementos del Norte and Central America Bottling Corporation cbc.

Entrepreneurial Commitment

The enterprises joined in HonduFuturo expressed that they are convinced that education is the answer on the question of how to improve the quality of life in people in Honduras.

Camilo Atala, president of the Foundation, informed that HonduFuturo is a non-profit organization directed to finance talents from Honduras, so they can have access to post-graduate and doctorate studies in the best universities of the world and then come back and work for their country.

Mr. Atala pointed out that the starting capital is 90 million Lempiras.  They expect to award 25 to 30 annual scholarships, with grants of 25,000 dollars per year to finance master´s degrees or doctorates with a two year maximum period.

The first announcement will be done in February of next year, when candidates have to present an admission letter for their post-graduate or doctorate in any field of knowledge, from any prestigious institution worldwide.


René Becerra, Executive President of JAREMAR Group; Jacobo Atala, Executive President of BAC Honduras; Camilo Atala, HonduFuturo Board of Directors President and Grupo Ficohsa Executive President; Rodrigo Cordón; Georgina Barahona, Karim´s Group Executive Director of Corporate Affairs; José Rafael Ferrari, Honduras Television Company President; Miguel Facussé, Dinant Corporation Executive President; Fredy Nasser, Terra Group President; Yani Rosenthal, Cementos del Norte Board of Directors President, and Luis Miguel Castillo, cbc Executive Vicepresident.

Hondufuturo Environment

  • HonduFuturo is based on the experience of ColFuturo in Colombia and GuateFuturo in Guatemala, where big success has been achieved with brilliant professionals.
  • HonduFuturo will be financed exclusively by the Honduras private sector.
  • Besides promoting and financing people from Honduras to study abroad at a post-graduate level, opportunities are offered for them to return to the country and contribute in the building of a great Honduras.
  • The internal agency of Labor Intermediation will connect the recipients with the main companies and governmental and non-governmental organizations by giving them the tools to gain access to valuable positions, with high compensation and professional development potential.

For more information, visit www.hondufuturo.com