PepsiCo y cbc help Atitlan with technology

PepsiCo and cbc, support a comprehensive environmental management in the Lake Atitlán basin, with the incorporation of technology for the development of environmental education programs through the virtual community "Green Learning".

  • Education ● July 29, 2014


PepsiCo and cbc support a comprehensive environmental management of Lake Atitlán by incorporating technology to develop environmental education programs through the virtual community “Aprendizaje Verde” (Green Learning).

This Project is developed by the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, with three important contents:  Water Care, Recycling and Vulnerability Reduction to the Climatic Change.   With this objective, both corporations donated a computer lab together with the support of the Sergio Paiz Andrade Foundation (FUNSEPA).

The computer lab was installed at the Learning and Training Center in Panajachel, Sololá, and is coordinated by the Social Development municipal office.

This computer lab will be used in environmental education programs and will also be used to teach children with special needs and to train women and young people interested in acquiring new knowledge in an interactive way.

Recycling Culture

PepsiCo and cbc also donated a motorcycle with a boxcar to the Panajachel Municipality.  This motorcycle will be used to recuperate recyclable material in those areas where garbage trucks cannot access.

This is part of a program to develop a recycling culture that started last year with the donation of a garbage collection vehicle for the municipality´s waste management program and a trash compactor to help in the collection and moving of PET bottles.


Abraham Mayen, mayor of Panajachel, Solola, said:  “The efforts we are developing search for a culture change.  Now a high percentage of our population are separating recyclable material.  This is an important step.  The support of PepsiCo and cbc has been very important, not only providing tools but also environmental education and technology.”

Rosa María de Frade, Corporate Affairs Director of cbc, said:  “For us it is very important to support different municipalities with specific tools that can generate important changes in the communities.  Incorporating technology for interactive learning and vehicles that can transport recycled materials have a positive effect that contributes to a comprehensive management of the environment.”

Frank Woodbridge, PepsiCo General Manager for Central America and The Caribbean and Sales Vice-President for PepsiCo Latin America, said:   “Sustainable packages and recycling are at the center of our sustainability efforts at PepsiCo.  This program incorporates “Development with Purpose”, which means that we can improve our environment and at the same time support the communities in which we operate”.