cbc signed a cooperation agreement with the Panajachel Municipality to benefit Lake Atitlán

Sharing the importance of carrying out an adequate environmental management for the improvement of the living conditions of the inhabitants of the municipality, and the preservation of one of the most important natural legacies of the country and of the world: Lake Atitlán

  • Environmental Sustainability ● May 15, 2013


Public-private Alliance in favor of a suitable environmental management

An agreement of cooperation in favor of the environment was signed by Mr. Abraham Mayén Morales, Major of Panajachel, Sololá, and Ms. Rosa María de Frade, Corporate Affairs Director at cbc – a multinational corporation in 17 countries with the largest beverage portfolio in the region.  The agreements looks for sharing the importance of having a suitable environmental management to improve life conditions of the inhabitants of the municipality, and to preserve one of the most important natural assets in the country and the world:  Lake Atitlán.

The agreement objectives are:

  1. To contribute with the development of an environmental care culture, its protection and improvement, encouraging recycling initiatives of solid waste, especially PET.
  2. To motivate healthy practices for the care of the environment.
  • To generate a safe sustainable model that generates economic value to the communities by recollecting and commercializing solid waste recyclable matter.

With this agreement, the Municipality of Panajachel commits with the promotion of solid waste classification and cbc commits to perform information campaigns through media and to provide environmental training in education centers. cbc also commits to provide the logistics to move the PET bottles to the recycling plant in Villa Nueva, Guatemala by supplying all necessary materials for classification, to weigh-in and compact the bottles and to donate a garbage collection vehicle for the municipality´s waste management program.

Major Abraham Mayén Morales said:  “The main objective is that Panajachel be a national model in environmental management”.  Rosa María de Frade, Corporate Affairs Director at cbc said:  “This is an important step in public-private alliances promoted by cbc, especially for the proper environmental management.  Together, we can contribute for making Guatemala a better country”.