cbc and Enlace sign cooperation agreement

Through this agreement, comprehensive training is promoted, the dropout rate is reduced, and teamwork between parents and teachers is encouraged for the benefit of the students.

  • Health and Nutrition ● May 27, 2013


A strategic alliance with the civil association ENLACE  was made as part of the Food and Nutrition Security comprehensive program that cbc propels in the Santa Apolonia municipality in Chimaltenango.  Its objective is to develop an educational program of family orientation and a parent’s school, in order to bring teachers the proper tools to transcend in their teacher´s job by integrating parents in the responsibility of their children´s formation.

Rosa María de Frade, cbc Corporate Affairs Director, said:  “Through this agreement, we promote the comprehensive formation, the school dropping out rate diminishes and team work between parents and teachers is motivated.”


This program is endorsed by the Education Ministry and has the support of Ms. Silvia Nuñez, Education Supervisor of Santa Apolonia.

Isabel Mirón, Executive Director of ENLACE, said:  “When teachers act as leaders it generates a positive impact in parents and children.  This close relationship encourages better school results and impacts positively in the community through education”.

Both entities share that education is fundamental for children to have better opportunities.  This program will reach 24 teachers in Santa Apolonia.