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We know the incredible power our people have when they are motivated, focused, active and share our goals. That is why we create a company culture based on individual and collective merit, with growth and future projection.



The culture of our corporation is based on meritocracy and the ability to develop the career plan of our team. Therefore, we are constantly optimizing tools that allow the development and growth of each of our employees.



It is the process of training and introduction of each of the business units of our company and the programs through which the knowledge of new and existing employees is strengthened and broadened.



It is a corporate program focused on providing tools and knowledge necessary for each of the work teams, have tools that allow them to strengthen their development and at the same time that of their families, through informative capsules communicated weekly with content such as: 


• Excellent parents 

• Values that transcend

• Shared responsibility

• The emotional tank

• Attitude in the face of adversity 

• Leadership 

• Emotional freedom

• Boundary and relationships

• Basic and combined emotions

• Sense of work

• Brain hemispheres



It is a structured model where people who have had the opportunity to develop their career within the organization in strategic positions have the opportunity to guide the talents that are in the development phase. We call them Mentor and Mentee. 



It is the methodology for the development of projects or routines that require speed and flexibility. It is a philosophy that involves a different way of working and organizing, which makes progress more efficient, promotes continuous improvement and rapid learning.  With this methodology, after the implementation of a project, the aim is to prioritize, focus and finally, give visibility to achieve results.



This program allows us to raise the level and maintain the focus on excellence programs with the generation of new productivity indexes; with it, we went from an operational model of process construction to an accelerated maturity level, structuring the apex strategy in the generation of value, focused on sustaining, transforming and integrating the businesses.

Within WCPP we find WCM (Production Plants) and WCS (agencies).



New avant-garde work model with which there is no physical space limitation and which has allowed us to efficiently demonstrate real results and productivity, working from anywhere in the world. This adaptation has generated significant changes in several of our headquarters, which have gradually become hubs that we have called Campus of Culture and where it is possible to maintain work routines, teambuilding, meetings and different energy rituals to motivate and activate the teams.



It is the organizational survey methodology that involves a continuous process that goes from diagnosis to action.  

This allows to recognize and measure the global score and its results by dimension and practice; to create a plan with prioritized initiatives that promote the desired behavior and changes in mentality through a programming with actions and resources required to implement and that finally allow to make an impact measurement and correction to enable the implementation of a focused strategy.



It is the most important transformational project of our company, through which we can identify opportunities and initiatives for productivity and savings, allowing us to maintain our commitment to accelerate the process of change that leads us steadily to recognize and achieve every opportunity for improvement, using technology as a support tool and working together in a coordinated and knowledgeable way to achieve our goals.



It is a dashboard platform with the key indicators of the People and Management area, which facilitates the management, analysis and interpretation of the key dynamics of human capital that influence business results.  



They are the first level technology platforms through which the management of all our goals and daily performance routine are concentrated.  This allows us to correctly manage tasks and evolve action plans, always having visibility of productivity and the progress of the objectives. 


We aim to build a great legacy for our company and our team, so we adapt in the face of change to continue to drive growth and transformation.



CEO cbc

Ziad joined the company more than 10 years ago as Regional Beer Director for Guatemala, being responsible for the launch and introduction of Brahva beer to the Guatemalan market. He then moved to the position of Commercial Director, being responsible for the entire portfolio for the metropolitan area and the eastern part of the country. 

Due to his excellent results and leadership, Ziad was appointed Commercial Director of Guatemala, giving him responsibility for the entire country, being one of the most important within the cbc system. Ziad’s results and commitment later allowed him to take over the management of the Cluster integrated at that time by Central America and Jamaica, a position with which he achieved important advances and results in the development of the markets of the different countries. 

His track record, results, people development and especially for being a leader who represents all the values of the company, Ziad assumed the position of CEO of cbc in November 2017. 

“cbc is the company of people who have big dreams and work with passion to achieve them. All employees have the opportunity to develop their talent and based on their merits, embark on their career plan.”


Managing Director cbc Guatemala

“Passion, energy and empathy are key to achieving results. We spend more time at work and with our colleagues than we do with our family. That’s why you must love what you do, enjoy it day in and day out without it being a burden; inject passion into it to make it worthwhile.  

At the center of it all is the energy with which we connect with our teams. You must be an active, joyful leader with a winning attitude in order to positively influence our people. Finally, I do not leave behind empathy, and perhaps one of the ones that characterizes me the most. You must have a genuine interest in people, who are the engine of any great company. Behind every action there are people who have needs and dreams just like you.

I identify with the value of WE ARE OWNERS, as it has always allowed me to manage the business with ethics and honesty, seek the greatest benefit for our employees and maximize resources, always doing what is right over what is convenient. With “owner’s eyes” you get a more efficient and profitable business, for much longer.” 

Venezuelan, Industrial Engineer with a Postgraduate Degree in Marketing. I had initial experience in AmBev Venezuela for 8 years. In this 2021 I am celebrating 10 years in CBC, a great company that gave me the opportunity to give a better life to my family. I have grown a lot personally and professionally, and I continue preparing myself to receive the future in the best way possible. 


Head of Quality Assurance – Cuyotenango Plant

“What I like about working at cbc: the existence of a culture that permeates at all levels, through values, which give me a basis to have the freedom to make decisions, development opportunities and team management. I have been working for 7 years. 

Value with which I identify myself: integrity, because it becomes a personal brand and defines my actions at all times regardless of the circumstances, also because it associates loyalty, honesty and ethics, generating a personal and professional commitment, both with my work team and with the company”. 


People and Management Manager cbc Guatemala

“I really enjoy working for our people, I believe that both our Front Line, as well as the Leadership team, we must live our Culture and Values to the fullest so that this ship can sail in the right direction. I am critical, but more self-critical, enemy of mediocrity and arrogance. 

Guatemalan, Industrial Mechanical Engineer with Masters in Production and Human Resources, proudly I have, 17 years, of working in this great company. “


Manufacturing Manager - cbc Guatemala

With 10 years of experience in the Food and Beverage Industry.

Jose’s trajectory in CBC started in 2016 as Corporate Engineering Manager, a position that allowed him to lay the foundations for the construction of the maintenance strategy for our operations. In 2019 he assumes the position of Manufacturing Processes Manager at APEX, helping the integration processes of BIA’s operations and developing the manufacturing management pillar for the different business units.  In 2021 he assumes the responsibility of leading the Manufacturing front for the Guatemala operation with the objective of taking our operation to the next level of operational excellence. 

“The value with which I most identify myself is WE ARE EXCELLENT PEOPLE. Excellence is built from small actions, being disciplined and always putting collective interests ahead of personal ones. Seeking to be the benchmark at regional level and developing the best talent.” 

Career plans

Employees can navigate through the interactive career plans, where they will find the positions to which they can aspire and the kit of competencies and training necessary to prepare them for each step.

1. Interactive book so that each employee can design their career plan. 

2. Job map of all areas with training, readings and videos to strengthen the necessary competencies according to the position to which they aspire.  

3. Inspirational stories of employees who have excelled in their professional careers.