cbc supports Eco-Challenge 2015, a talent and innovation competition

Thanks to a strategic alliance with The Young American Business Trust of the Organization of American States and with PepsiCo, cbc has been a sponsor of the Eco Challenge since 2013.

  • Environmental Sustainability ● November 4, 2014


The regional launching of the Talent and Innovation of the Americas Competition (TIC Americas) and EcoReto 2015 was performed at the Salomón de la Selva Auditorium at the National Engineering University in Managua, Nicaragua.

Thanks to a strategic alliance with The Young American Business Trust of the American States Organization and PepsiCo, cbc is a sponsor of EcoReto since 2014, an innovation and talent competition that rewards ideas of young entrepreneurs that propose innovative ideas to solve environmental problems.

This competition is held annually and the finalists have the opportunity to present their projects to the General Secretary of the American States Organization and the assistants to the Annual General Assembly of this important regional organization.

In 2015, the finalists will have the opportunity to expose their ideas at the Americas Summit that will be held the first week of April.

Winners will receive seed capital, advice for the development of their projects and access to a wide network of knowledge to exchange and share best practices.

For this sixth edition of EcoReto, PepsiCo, YABT and cbc created four challenges:

  • Recycling coconut shell:  propose an industrial solution, sustainable and innovative, for coconut shells.
  • PET recycling:  the challenge is to propose a sustainable way of collecting PET bottles in an innovative way in order to reuse large quantities of PET.
  • Water:  The challenge is to propose ways to conserve and reuse water at an industrial level.  The other challenge is to facilitate access to drinkable water.
  • Environmental Education:  Platforms and innovative processes (games, apps, others) to learn more about our environment.

The competition is for young people from 18 to 34 years and the applicants can find information in the web-site:  www.ticamericas.net.

The following participated in the launching:  Architect Victor Arcia, vice rector of the University; Mr. Luis Viguria, Executive President of The Young Americas Business Trust; Mr. Fredy Palencia, Commercial Director of cbc Nicaragua; Mrs. Rosa María de Frade, Corporate Affairs Director at cbc; Architect Alina Salomón Santos, President of Young Entrepreneurial.   Also, Tupac Amaru Espinoza, finalist of EcoReto 2013, shared with the assistants the important advances of his project of building ecological parks.